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An Enjoyable Garden for Birds

As most garden lovers would agree, it is always a thrill to hear the morning chorus at day break sung by the birds. As we enjoy or work in the garden we are often visited by our feathered friends who watch us, pick out insects to eat and stay for a little rest. Most people want to ensure that their garden is as nature friendly as possible. Below are some tips on how to make your garden a bird and animal haven:

Feeding Birds

Birds do not ask for very much. They needs are simple to have food, water, shelter and protection. Why not then try and choose plant and trees that produce berries, seeds or nectar that will naturally feed birds and insects. Take care of dead trees and old stumps in your garden to attract insect-eaters and to provide shelter. The larger variety of the food you supply the more variety of birds you will attract into your garden. Additionally you can help birds out by placing bird feeders in your yard filled with wild bird food.

Drinking Places

We can also look after our feathered friends by paying attention to areas which can provide them with water for drinking. This can be done by putting out a birdbath, those with a trickle or fountain are especially good and this will make your garden very popular! If you have a pond why not consider putting some flat rocks or branches that can provide perches for birds to rest on.

Keeping birds safe and warm

Birds need a secure area to sleep at night and to build their nests in. Each bird nests at different heights. Why not consider planting creeping shrubs and bushes as well as trees to provide this space. Additionally extra protection will be provided by ever greens during the winter or by dead trees for nesting.

Sit, watch, and enjoy

After all that time, consideration and great effort you willl benefit from the great enjoyment you will receive from having these harmless, friendly visitors in your garden. Enjoy!

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