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Grass Mowing TIPS!

For information about how you can best take care of your lawn when mowing see our Mowing Tips page for instructions.

A few simple steps to follow when mowing your lawn can make all the difference! Proper mowing can mean the difference between a so-so lawn and a great one. There are a few simple decisions to make when mowing that make a difference in your lawn.

How often should I mow?
Once a week is normally sufficient. It is possible in spring, when growth is more rapid that twice a week may be necessary.

How high to mow?
Always ensure that you do not cut off more than 1/3 of the length of grass in one mow. If growth is quick then mow again in a few days time but ensure that 2/3 of the grass length is always left. Try and keep your mower at a high setting especially during hot weather.

Is it best to avoid mowing wet grass?
Yes it is always best to avoid mowing wet grass as it can invite fungus to propagate in your lawn and it will give an uneven cut to the lawn and the finish will not be very pleasant.

Can I mow in different directions?
If you mow in different directions this will help the grass to grow correctly. Mowing in the same direction each time can lead to leaning of the blades in the lawn. Try horizontal or vertical patterns to give a healthy look to your lawn.

Steps for good lawn mowing

When mowing your lawn try and avoid making turns on the lawn instead use the path or other empty spaces to make the turn at each row.

If you would like a new look to your lawn why not use a roller to give a striped football/cricket ground effect?

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